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  1. Seasons

Seasons Prod by TKOG


I kno they want me to lose
Hate I’m always on the move
Wish I end up on the news
Mad at the views
When I been leaving the clues
How to do it like I do
You ain’t gon make me lose
Always riding wit that thing on cruise
Nothing to proof and nothing to lose
One call they letting me loose
You don’t kno what I made it thru
Fam want me to put on the suit
Say rap game only for dudes
Smoking on weed that’s what I do
Somebody said sixxcess won’t you do a trap song they wrong I can go all nite long
Just put the beat on
Change up the attitude
In the mood kinda rude
A jay a day to change the mood
Don’t mind the fools never
And to most of you I’m better
Just on another level
And no matter what they gon tell ya
hate on me I’m ghost to you
Watch those that’s close to you
They don’t kno what they pose to do
Showing love off what you do
Really ain’t no love for you
Only loving them w’s
Everybody rushing you

I be around never leaving
Only thing change is the seasons

I be making plays everyday
My team alway call on me
All this money it be calling me
Say I got the recipe
I be cooking up the streets everyday of the week
Tryna maintain comfortably
only maintain cuz of me
Misery love company
I ain’t in the mood for company
Tryna build me an empire
How much that costing me
My state of mind lost to me
My mind ain’t right
Doc say that’s life
High as a kite
This is the life that I’m living this is the life I chose
Only the real know that We been hear before
What you gon say that I don’t kno
Where you hon go that I can’t go
Young nigga he so dope
Young nigga he so dope
Just to let you kno
And I promise I’m never leaving
Only thing changing up is the season
Knew what it was when I got in
Got move like no option